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Monday, October 17, 2011

Running tunes

Sometimes I wonder if the pleasure in physical activity is not 50% actual working out and 50% listening to music.

In any case, it's good for you.

(Sometimes I also wonder if the best part of the workout is not the post-workout shower and snack. But I digress.)

So with no further presentations, here's a sample of tunes to get your legs going.

To start the race

The classic: Survivor: Eye of the Tiger
Retro alternative: Marvin Gaye: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

To pick up speed or get extra pep

Andrew W.K.: Party Hard (Features an environmentally friendly way of drying your hair!)
Blink-182: First Date (Let's not be afraid of ridicule!) and Dammit
Sum 41: Makes No Difference
Joan Jett: Bad Reputation (Bad ass female at its best!)
The Romantics: What I Like About You (Notice how the drummer is also the singer!)
The Rascals: Good Lovin' (Retro alternative!)

To climb a hill

(Warning: some of those video links could be offensive to some viewers; please watch them at your own discretion, and please bear in mind that our main goal here is to raise our adrenalin levels for running purposes... especially when facing a bad ass hill! Those tunes need to convey aggressivity and make you feel fierce! Grrrrrrrrrrooooooooooaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)

U2: Elevation (This one is soft, but it works. I've tried it while crossing the bridge bet. Halifax and Dartmouth)
Rob Zombie (Hot Rod Herman remix): Dragula
Limp Bizkit: Nookie
Nine Inch Nails: Closer
The Prodigy: Breathe (With the extra benefit that it tells you when to inhale and exhale!)
Anything else by The Prodigy

When you hit the wall, feel like you're about to collapse

(Those are two very different tunes; depending on your personality and mood when you hit the wall, at least one of them will do.)
Elton John: I'm Still Standing
Eminem: 'Till I Collapse (Warning: not for the faint of heart. Extreme athleticism depicted.)

Towards the end (ideally with the finish line in sight, although that's hard to plan precisely!)
Leif Garrett or Europe: Final Countdown

The rest of your play list could be any kind of music, really. As long as you like it. Intersperse the tougher, "pick us speed" and "climb bad ass hill" tunes with other, softer ones, and it should do the trick. Happy running!

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