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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A useful reminder as Christmas approaches

My ever-increasing workload prevents me from writing a lengthy post today, but I could not resist indulging a little bit, and showing you an informative diagram my colleague M just shared with me (and incidentally with all her other Facebook friends).

Thanks to this picture, never again will you feel confused about who you should look up to as the ultimate power holder:

Ha! I knew he was the awesomest.

If you need any additional proof of that, note that HE, and only HE, is followed by the NORAD (in his annual circumnavigation):


My kids love to watch where HE's at on the 24th of December, and it's a breeze to send them to bed by actually showing them he's about to arrive (since, as we all know, he will not leave presents to any kid who's not asleep!) As soon as Santa hits the Azores, you can hear 4 little feet rush upstairs. "Santa's on his way to cross the Atlantic! Quick! To bed!"

(Plus, what a better way to introduce geography notions?)

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