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Monday, February 27, 2012

Women in cinema

Confidence entre jeunes femmes, by Auguste Renoir

Do you like movies? Do you like women? Do you like both?

Then this video should interest you.

Somewhere between commonly heard phrases like "Feminism has no reason to exist anymore" and "Women in Hollywood are still mostly valued for their appearance", there is a nice little concept that has emerged to measure the representation of women in cinema. Whatever your views are on the topic (and whether you have an opinion at all or not), please take a look at this video about the winning movies of the 84th Ceremony of the Oscars.

Sadly... yes, this is year 2012.

If you're also interested in the treatment of ethnic minorities in cinema, please watch the video to its end, and learn why The Help should really have been called White People Solve Racism.

For more on a related topic, please read about the Smurfette Trope.

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  1. if you take a look at the panel of judges for the oscars, you'll see that they are mainly old, white, and male...

  2. And so are most of the producers and directors...