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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Time to play!

One of my favorite toys of all times is Playmobils. I played with them as a child, and I still feel like it nowadays (but my kids won't let me. They say I wreck it all.)

Playmobils are colorful, versatile, sturdy, and a never-ending source of imaginative play. Their best characteristic might be that they keep children of all ages busy and happy.

Granted, as children age, they start using their Playmobils differently.

Here are a few scenes that I stumbled upon over the past year or so.

Imaginative play does get its inspiration from everyday life.
Cats in the sink: a rather common sight in our house.


Hmm... not so common.

"Hey, Miranda, I think we're due for a cleanup! I just found two scorpions in the kitchen!"

Meanwhile, the equally fearless Miranda was getting ready to give the sharks a bath.

What to say... we did have a bad case of family-wide stomach flu last spring...


When I asked about this one, I was told "Oh, the Queen ordered him to do it".
Their concept of authority worries me a little bit to say the least...


Ever discovered a funny toy layout in your house?

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