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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And now for the resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!

I thought about this year's resolutions for a little while, and came up with this: My resolution for this new year will stem from marathon wisdom: I will learn to pace myself.

I tend to live life as one plays a hockey game: in short intense bursts followed by periods of full rest. I think it is inherent to who I am, and I accept it as a trait of my personality, but it nonetheless creates feelings of dissatisfaction more often than it should.

Some days I put way too much on my plate, race from dusk to dawn, and end up both exhausted and frustrated (because my "to do" list was so long I barely made my way through half of it). Other days I give a whole new meaning to the concept of "chilling", and do practically nothing else than surf the net with no specific purpose. I end up not relaxed, but rather disappointed at myself.

Can we find some kind of balance here? This is made particularly challenging by the fact that I work from home and am my own boss; I do deliver excellent quality work within the deadlines, and my clients are very satisfied, but I am tired of  feeling disheveled. Enough is enough! Can I do a little bit less on hectic days, and a little bit more on quiet days, so that I keep a more stable level of overall activity? This is what I will strive for this year.

More specifically:

On busy days, I will avoid multitasking, and instead will give all my undivided attention to the task at hand. That means less emailing and less social media. (And less getting up to perform all kinds of less important/less urgent tasks.) You can't constantly zap from one thing to another without suffering a decrease in efficiency. Plus, it is time-consuming. I will (re)learn to focus, starting small and increasing gradually, so that my attention span gets used to longer periods of concentrating on the same thing.

I might use a timer to monitor my improvement.

On quiet days, I will avoid over thinking, and instead I will channel my energy into action. I have a tendency to over organize and over analyze everything, which has made me somewhat lucid, but it would benefit me - and potentially others - if this translated into concrete action more often. It is reassuring to contemplate, to ponder, to carefully plan and evaluate. But comes the day when you have to take a leap - even if you're scared (or simply "not quite in the mood"). This applies to everything from cleaning the friggin' oven to submitting a manuscript to a publisher.

I might ask people to kick me in the rear end to help me overcome my inertia.

Of course, New Year resolutions are nothing without an acknowledgement of last year's achievements. I want to make sure I keep doing the things I already do well:

- I will keep exercising regularly and eating "clean"
- I will keep nurturing my social network
- I will keep my professional, goal-oriented attitude at work
- I will keep my firm yet loving approach with the children
- I will keep teaching and learning from the people around me
- I will keep respecting my budget and putting money aside
- I will keep devouring books (please take a look at my Reading list on the right for inescapable titles - and I will regularly add new ones to it)

What about you? What do you want to maintain, and what do you want to work on?

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