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Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday musings: what's on your desk?

I was thinking about what I could do on this Easter Monday, the last day of an oh-so-welcome 4-day weekend.

The first three days had been quite fun. Other than an ever-exciting Easter egg hunt, we spent most of our time outdoors, thanks to a generous dose of genial weather: we took the puppy for a long walk in the woods and along the beach at Point Pleasant Park (a pleasant outing indeed); we played street hockey; we bicycled; we roller-bladed. Still full of energy, we also went for a swim at the closest indoor pool. Ah, and I ran my long run, 1 hour and 45 minutes of pure bliss (okay, 1 hour and 15 minutes of pure bliss; for the last half hour I was way too hungry!) (Note to myself: next time, bring along some form of caloric input.)

Afterwards, I had a nap. A NAP!

N-A-P, NAP!!!

When was the last time this happened?

It might have been my favorite part of the weekend.

While contemplating different options for how to keep myself busy - in a productive way ideally - on that last day off, and knowing that it was supposed to be rainy (that marvelous sun couldn't stay forever, could it?), I let my eyes wander in my home office and realized how interesting (and eloquent) that sight is.

What do you notice when you start paying attention to your surroundings? You notice all those details that speak volumes about who you really are, deep down inside. Check the inside of your fridge. The top of your dresser. Your garage. Your car. Your gym bag or your purse.

My auto-therapy exercise of the day is the following: sit at your desk and notice everything that's on it. Once you're done with that mental list, draw some conclusions: what does your stuff reveal about you?

(Do this exercise on a day your desk has not been cleaned for a while.)

Other than the usual computer screen, keyboard, speakers, printer, fax, phone, etc., what's lying on your desk? Here's what I have:

  • a few piles of paper
  • an old-fashioned ink pot (that I use as a paper weight)
  • the following books: What I talk about when I talk about running (Haruki Murakami), a Geronimo Stilton (a wonderful, wonderful series for children) and another children's book: When will it be Spring? (Yes, when?!?!??!)
  • a Lego helicopter
  • my camera (although I don't bother taking pictures of the deer who walk by my window anymore - too common, I've become blasé)
  • some loose change
  • my half-marathon training plan (7 weeks to go! woohoo!) and my personal training workout log, that has some of my favorite exercises in it, namely the "pull-down", the "swing of the kettle bell" and the "cable crunch" - NO, the burpee is NOT a favorite of mine! (Although it does have its merits, I will concede.)
  • a few tubs of play dough
  • a Greek orthodox icon, bought 6 months ago in Crete, for which I have yet to find a spot on the wall
  • a collection of dictionaries
  • a pair of toe socks I confiscated from A for some misbehavior I don't recall now (that kid loves her clothes and I've found that confiscating them is the best way to get her back on track - you gotta find their currency as Dr Phil would say!)
  • a bunch of pens, including the very slightly used Mont Blanc I was given as hand-me-down (there's hand-me-downs, and then there's Hand-Me-Downs!)
  • a tube of lip balm
  • a Playmobil screwdriver (never know when you'll need one!)
  • some running paraphernalia (thin gloves, sunglasses, headphones)
  • the girls' school agendas
  • a terrestrial globe
  • leftover Valentines
  • an empty cup of tea - Darjeeling I think
  • a perpetual calendar with pictures of all around the world (today's is Milford Sound, a fjord in New Zealand, populated by seals and dolphins - and the 8th world wonder according to Rudyard Kipling)
  • some apparent dust (why in the world did I pick a dark colored desk?)
  • a compass (you never know when you're gonna get lost in your thoughts!)

And next to the desk are a couple of bags and boxes of stuff I have been meaning to donate for quite a while now.

Eloquent, indeed. This speaks volumes about the fact that...

1) I wasn't there when they distributed the neat freak gene;

2) It's more than time to clean up that office!

And that's how I decided what I was gonna do today.

N.B.: If you did the exercise and found no mess, no mess at all... anywhere at all... be watchful: the mess could very well be inside of you.


  1. Very little on my desk other than computer stuff and the prodigal cat!

    Plenty of stuff not to far away, however.

    Like the lego-helo :-)