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Monday, March 11, 2013

Winter be gone!

Winter's lingering and we're all sun deprived. Nicer, milder weather will come shortly... just not yet.

We're all feeling a little bit crankier if not a little bit more depressed. What to do?

First, let's not be a cat (i.e. bully) about it. It's not other people's fault if we're so freaking tired of the cold and snow we could just pick up a fight with the first black bear that comes out of hibernation and starts foraging in our green bin.

Instead, let's find a way to put some fun in our lives. Can't go down south this winter? Not a problem. Dress in summer clothes, turn up the volume, and get the groove going! Dance like no one's looking!

In general just try to infuse yourself with all sources of energy you can possibly find:

1) Take advantage of any ray of light and go for a walk (better yet, go for a run, since running makes the weather feel ten degrees warmer!) 

2) Make sure you sleep enough. 

3) Eat your greens (and reds, and oranges, and yellows, and blues). Not always in the mood for healthy food? Just throw it all in the blender, mix it, and sip it. One's always in the mood for a tasty smoothie. And there's just so much you can hide in there. The one I had this morning contained: blackberries, strawberries, plain nonfat Greek yogurt, vanilla protein powder (whey), skim milk, celery, cucumber, avocado, beet and beet greens. Yum! 

4) Spend time with friends and family.

5) If you feel like it even the slightest, go ahead and start your indoors spring cleaning. Get rid of stuff. Reorganize. You will instantly feel lighter!

6) Start making plans for the summer vacation. I know I'm gonna be making an inventory of our camping supplies and looking at national and provincial park websites! (And getting all excited about the next canoeing trip!)

7) Go to a green house or start indoors seeding.

8) Enjoy for the last few times the joys of winter: have hot chocolate, take a bubble bath, go skiing, skating, snowshoeing...

And hang on there! Yes, we will probably have one or two more snow storms... but in only a few more weeks there will be no more white sh*** on the ground! I promise!


  1. lol! I used to live in the northern U.S. It was soooo cold! I would run in layers looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, but I didn't care:-)

    Some days my breath just froze on my face! Always got it done though. The only days I didn't run were if the ice and snow was a mechanical barrier that made it too dangerous.

    I didn't know at the time about Florida. I thought nobody really lived here, just vacationed!

    Now Victoria Island, that's a whole different Canada!

  2. Yep, as they say there is no bad weather, only wrong clothes. You should see me when I run in minus 20 Celsius! :-) And the frozen eyelashes! Now when the ground is black ice I use my traction aids for sneakers. Not gonna let the winter stop us! Half of retired Canadians spend the winter in Florida though. The idea definitely sounds lovely. :-)