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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth, by Eduard Veith

(Note: this post has been eclipsed by my most recent - and quite serious - one; therefore I am reposting it today for the benefit of your beautiful - and youthful! - eyes, reader. Enjoy!)

The Fountain of Youth

Are you constantly mistaken for your daughter's sibling?

Do people faint when you tell them how old you are?

Are you tired of being carded in clubs when that should have ended a good 20 years ago?

Do potential partners of a similar age turn you down because they "don't date minors" (even though you're closer to being a senior?)

Or do you simply feel much younger than you are?

Today is the day you're becoming famous! (well, sort of)

Here's what you have to do:

1. Tell us what you think is the reason for your youthful looks/inner feelings. You wear SPF 128 sunscreen? You eat kale for breakfast every morning? You run 15 kilometers every evening? You dance and sing at lunch time? You have torrid sex every night? You drink rose water? Or you simply have great genes?

2. (optional but cool - please consider it!) Submit a clear picture of you, NOT photo shopped, by email at the following address (double check the spelling to be sure I get it):
m l e u x j
g m a i l
c o m

3. (if you submitted said picture) Write something along the lines of: "I allow you to publish this attached picture of me on your blog. You can use my name OR I would like you to only use my initial. You can write my age OR I would like you to have people guess my age. My age when this photo was taken is _____.

As soon as I have enough input I will publish it! Don't keep this a secret; all of us deserve eternal youth!

Thanks everyone!

Fountain of Youth, by Lucas Cranach


  1. People generally guess my age at 5-10 years younger than it actually is (pushing 44). And everyone who sees my 65-pounds-ago fat pix from 2007 says I look much younger now than I did then. I am going to attribute it to a super-clean diet, ass-kicking exercise, nightly torrid sex, a take-life-by-the-balls attitude and good genes. Honestly, I lie in the sun on purpose as much as possible (which is no easy feat considering I live in coastal New England, where we call my area "Cape Cloud" instead of Cape Cod)...I only wash my face with water...I definitely don't get as much sleep as I'd like (7 hours if I'm lucky, 5.5 on average). I definitely FEEL healthier and can do way more athletically than I could in my teens, 20s, or most of my 30s. Life's good, babe. Photo on the way to your email.

  2. Thanks Norma for your input! I'm also getting some through email, will put it all together and make a post out of it! :-)
    The only drawback of looking young is that people don't always take you seriously. This was sometimes an issue when I was in my teens and twenties. But with the passing years I am becoming grateful for my youthful looks! :-)

  3. Looking forward to the post!

    I don't tend to encourage people to guess my age as I'm really not sure I wanna know what they think. :)