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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer vackashon

by guest writers, A and R

(Note: the posts have been slightly edited to remove parts that might be of lesser interest to the reader. I did not, however, modify the sentences, nor did I correct any spelling mistake. Hope you enjoy the cuteness of it all! Alternative titles in italics are mine.)

My summer vackashon
(or a swimming pool obsession)
by A (7 years old)

A by the river

In the summer we always go to Quebec! Quebec is a nice place. I like going there. I like to go there because my grand-parints live there.

My grama has a pool. I like to go in it with my sister. My other grama dose not have a pool. But she is as grate. I love her. I wish I could stay with her for evere. My grandpa does not have a pool ethar. I still love him.

After a long drive... almost there!

During my vackashon evry won go for long hikes in the wodes.

One of the hikes

The moste fun thing abote going on our summer vackashon is that we always do difrint things!

Zia our dog came with us. After Quebec we went to Cape Breton. We went to a hotel that dogs can go to. There was a pool with a big slide!

After this I am going to a theator camp. I did it when I was 5. We did not do mush, we did a letol, but for me it was a lot because I was small. It was fun. Now that I am older I will do more.

The end.

Summer travels
(or a foretaste of teenager attitude)
by R (9 years old)

In the summer I always travel with my family. The first place we go is Quebec, to meet my grandparents. When we went there we were super happy to see them! We only see them once a year. We also saw our French friends.

Grandma's house is awesome.
It has secret rooms and secret passageways.
It even has a "Harry Potter closet" under the stairs!

One day, we were playing a game of volleyball and I discovered that I am not that good at it. This is why: every time I served the ball, it flew backwards, and almost every time I hit it, I didn't hit it hard enough, and we had to serve again.

We also tried croquet, and I won. It was my first game! I kept on getting my ball through the hole, even if it was about an arm span away!

After croquet we went to a park with my uncle, X. We played shark tag.

When we were at my grandpa's, we once had pizza for supper. My grandpa went to get it and I dragged along. I chose one kind, my grandpa chose the other one. I liked the kind I chose better.

During our vacation, my dad became obsessed with the rivière St-François. He would not stop talking about it and I got SUPER annoyed.

We took an awesome hike in the woods. We found a chipmunk being eaten alive! We all looked. No one touched it, though. It was disgusting. The next day, we went on another hike. This hike was longer and had a little river called la rivière au Saumon. We took of our shoes and socks and went in. We did not swim, but we went knee-deep in the water. Grandma splashed me, so I took my revenge. I made a HUMONGOUS splash and got her soaked!

My dad was still being annoying about the rivière St-François, so I told him to stop it. He FINALLY did, so I said "THANK YOU".

Then my mom started singing opera. It was horrible. (Sorry, mom!)

Don't try to hide, mom. We know it's you!

One day, A knocked down a glass table while we were playing forts. Dad came downstairs and told us to be careful.

After a week, it was time to go home (quite a long ride).

On the road again...

Zia was good as ever (except the one time she bit me).

Zia loved her vacation too.
She even learned to swim!

Back home, my family and I were so tired we just plopped into bed and fell asleep.

The next day, mom said "Get in the car, we're going to Cape Breton!"

To be continued...

What you will see on a Canadian road trip

And what about that!


  1. awww... this is so cute!

    Can't believe how well they write for their age!!

    1. I love when the kids use vacation as an "excuse" to work on their writing skills! :-)

  2. Wow - impressive writers! Love the 'she doesn't have a pool but I still love her' part - lol

  3. I make my sons write about their " vackashon " too. It's a lot funner than those vacation workbooks. And they love it. I'm thinking some scrapbooking would be even more fun !!

    1. I agree, writing and scrapbooking are wonderful vacation learning opportunities. :-)

  4. This is so sweet! And, oh my, you are going to be in trouble in a few years! I'm already dreading the tween & teen years and my girls are only 1 and almost 4! Zia looks so much like our Vizsla did as a puppy. Don't you just love the floppy ears. MacAfee is almost 10 and very white-faced now, but his ears are still the same dark red. While he loves to play in the water, he does not like to swim.

    1. I am actually looking forward to the teenage years. Yes, they have quite an attitude sometimes, but they become quite interesting by the same process. I was a happy teenager, so to me it's a positive period nonetheless. :-)

      Funny that your Vizsla does not like to swim!!!

  5. My granddaughters spell very similar as they sound out the words in their head - very cute!

    1. What's not to love about it! So precious. :-)

  6. Love the guest posts!!! Such a great way to hear about summer vacation from your kids point of view!
    And those gramas sound awesome!!! Pools, secret passageways, splashing in the river!!!
    Maybe one day you will post a video of your opera singing!!!

    1. Yes, we have wonderful grand-parints in this family! :-)

      I don't know if posting my opera singing would be a good idea... although I'm pretty sure I sing better than this:


      Someone please end that poor lady's suffering!

  7. Glad your vacation was so wonderful!

  8. What a blast!! So glad the family had a great time, and loved reading the perspective from the girls eyes!

    1. I'm actually enjoying them writing a lot! Isn't it nice to be off the hook! :-) Thank you Brittany for your comment.

  9. What a cool post! I think A writes sweet, while R has quite a sense of humor. I love Harry Potter doors, and if R visited my blog, I have a picture of my daughter K beside a little door we saw at a museum.


    Super love the dog photo. You should put that up on your wall.

    :-) Marion

    1. Nice picture, and nice door! I will show it to R! :-)

  10. Talented writing runs in the family... :-)

  11. I love the idea that you let your two children write a post. I think I should do that as well on my blog, ask my kids to contribute. Would be interesting :)
    I love the vacation spot you are visiting. So close to nature, my kind of thing.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Thank you for visiting mine, Marleen!

      I am looking forward to read a post by your kids! :-)