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Monday, July 1, 2013

Trains, planes and elephants... with a twist

Look carefully...
There's a plane up there

On this July 1st, I went for a mid-morning run. As I was coming back around 10 am, and while sipping on my water bottle, I passed 3 guys who were already sipping... on their cans of beer. Seems like it's never too early to start celebrating the birth of one's country!

A couple hours later, I was in a small store on the main street, browsing the merchandise next to another woman my age, when a man suddenly walked in, went straight to her, grabbed her but* vigorously, and exclaimed "My wife!" I said with a grin "I sure hope she's your wife!!!" They both laughed. I was already making new friends!

I know you're all dying to know what Canada Day looks like in a small (read: tiny) English Quebec community. Well, let me offer you a visual account that will answer all your burning questions! You might wonder what year those pictures were taken... I assure you it was 2013!

Warning: please note that what you are about to see probably does not represent your typical Canada Day festivities!

In any case, it was entertaining and joyful!



Zia, probably thinking
she's big enough to pull this carriage!

Old wheels

More old wheels

And some more

Pseudo monster trucks

Tractors and cowgirls

I asked him what you need to eat to be that tall...
He replied without hesitating: "celery"

Canada Day cakes

Canada Day hot dogs
(to accompany the 10 am beer I imagine)

And what's Canada Day... without a Quebec flag?
Long story... that I will not tell
but that you can read in any good history textbook!

To finish up, some music:

Ever attended a cultural event that left you speechless?
Ever had a beer at 10 am?

I'd much rather have wine... and in the PM hours!
Here, a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Virginie de Valandraud 2000.
Notes of truffle and leather, and some red fruit.
A special occasion wine, to savour slowly, in good company.
(Putting your nose in the bottle optional!)

If you're not into Canadian patriotism... happy month of July!


  1. Merci Julie pour la parade de Bury, sans y être allée cette année :-)

  2. My pleasure! Merci à toi d'être venue faire un tour pour une petite jasette! :-)

  3. Nice pictures, Julie!

    Beer at 10 am...... ouch!!

    I checked, the wine you had was a grand one!!!

    1. Thank you, S!

      The wine was wonderful indeed, but the best part was to share it with people I love and who appreciated it as much as I did. :-)

  4. Looks like a fun way to celebrate!!! I'm not sure about the hotdog at 10 but if I were drinking beer then I might decide it was time!!!

  5. You're the quintessential French woman on that last photo! And cute! ;-)

  6. For last years July 4th I went to a small town near here! Their parade was almost the same as yours! I think these smaller town celebrations are more true to the history and sentiment of the original holiday. I would recommend more folks go to these to experience that, as you did, Julie!

    1. It's a fun and interesting experience, for sure! :-)