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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All things Hungarian... VIPs, music, dogs... in short, happiness!

julsnewton, Flickr

It's been a while since I dedicated a post to music! (Although the vast majority of this blog's posts contain some.)

And I know, I promised a post on minimalism... it's coming. I just haven't had the time to put it all together like I want to, busied by the last week before school and the constant supply of translation contracts - This week, on top of spending my days enjoying the kids' presence, I'm immersed in diabetes documents at night.

So, the minimalism post is on its way... but in the meantime, let me treat you to some wonderful Hungarian themed music!

(Note: I have never set foot in Hungary, despite my numerous incursions in Eastern Europe: Austria in 1985, 1998 and 2009, Slovakia in 2009, Croatia in 2002, Bosnia in 2002. I've also always had a fascination for Poland - because of Copernicus, Chopin and Marie Curie - and another fascination for Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine - reason unknown... but Hungary? I hadn't heard much about it except for the long gone Austro-Hungarian Empire. It's just that every once in a while, while listening to music, I have very good feelings that I associate to this elusive country. As you will see later, there is also another reason I have an attachment to Hungary nowadays.)

Slovakia, 2009

Now with some fine examples of music that's dear to my heart:

Csardas, Hungarian Gypsy Music
Please listen long enough to hear the lovely shift 
in mood and tempo!

Hungarian Rhapsody no 2
So much going on here!

Brahms, Hungarian Dance no 1

Brahms, Hungarian Dance no 5

And my most recent reason to love Hungary, this beautiful breed of dog, the Hungarian Vizsla Pointer, and its finest specimen, Zia:

6 weeks

10 weeks

7 months

  • Do you have a fascination for a certain country that you've never visited? Why?
  • Of all famous people, dead and alive, who would you want to meet in person? (For me it's Curie... as long as she does not emit any residual radiation!)
  • Do you have any favorite piece of classical music?
  • What's your favorite animal/breed?
  • Do you like goulash?


  1. Hi Julie, cute post. As a young child I learned to appreciate classical music through cartoons. (Serious) Here are two examples...

    -I've always wanted to spend a year in China traveling and studying the history, but that will most likely never happen at this point in my life. So I will spend a day in China Town next time I'm in San Fran:)
    -I'd want to have dinner with Elvis and Moses, though not at the same time.
    -My favorite animal is any pet that is house trained, well mannered and belongs to someone else.
    -Goulash? I prefer swiss steak:)

    1. Thank you so much for the links! I have been wanting to put a post together that would show how children can be introduced to classical music through cartoons! I will definitely add your input! :-)

      Do go to China, even if it was just for 2 weeks. I was surprised to see that plane tickets were not anymore expensive than those for Europe (if you shop around and go off-season). I was there in 2010.

      Elvis and Moses at the same table, now that would be interesting...

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wonderful music !

  3. What fun! Jim Brickman is about as classical as I get.
    I sort-of want to answer all the questions because some of them are so random - I'm just going to say that on occasion I do like a good goulash!!!

    1. Thanks Kim! To be honest, I haven't had goulash in years! :-)

  4. I have some life-long friends whose father escaped Hungary ON FOOT when he and his brother felt in immediate peril from the Soviets. They ended up in California, eventually, and made a rich and wonderful life for themselves and their families. The Mrs. made the best Chicken Paprikash ever. My family still makes it today. I've never been to Hungary, but I would love to go.

    Like Marc, I used to want to travel in China. That when I was young and healthy. I fear it would be too rugged and unforgiving for me now.

    There are too many people in history that I would like to visit with! Can even begin to narrow it down, but high on the list would be Frederick Douglass.

    1. Hi Tara!

      What an interesting story about Hungary!

      From my experience of China, unless you go to the remote areas it is very modern, and very welcoming. As long as you're willing to eat spicy. LOL

      Frederick Douglass, great choice!

  5. I love music! And your dog is so cute! I want a dog! I am fascinated with so many places top of my list at the moment would be Borneo, Sri Lanka, and anywhere South America. Oh I love travel! If only someone would pay me!?!

  6. That one is easy, Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci! I'd like to offer him a flight :-)

    Pacabel's Canon in D.

    I did some research with a Hungarian chemist, and dated a Hungarian woman. He's in prison now for tax evasion, but she's doing just fine, lol!

    Your dog is very cute! German Shepherd has been my fav, but I had an Alaskan Malamute that was very special! Named her Zodiac as in Zodiacs Starry Promise.

    1. Da Vinci, great choice. And in this particular case, I think he would be as excited as you are (re the flight). :-)

  7. That dog is beautiful! Beautiful!

    I have never developed the appreciation I should for classical music. However, I have booked marked all of these and will give them their due this evening when my workday ends.

    I know more about Southern Australia than anyone who has never been there. It is my to be, away from home...

    I like this theme today.

    1. Thanks "That Guy". ;-)

      Let me know what you think about the music.

  8. I'd really like to visit Europe. I know that's a broad statement but I've never been there and would love, love to have the opportunity to experience the different cultures and see the amazing sites.