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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are you being true to yourself?

Walking toward a goal

I was planning to write about happiness and money today. I have been amassing information from all kinds of sources on the topic, and was ready to put it all together in a - hopefully - coherent post (there is so much controversial data on that topic!)

But then something put me off the track. Something that I now really want to share with you, readers! (The "money matters" post will have to wait!)

D, who might know me a little bit too well (that's what being together for 15 years does to people), welcomed me with this picture as I came back from the gym (right click on the following link to open on a separate page in case this picture does not display big enough on your screen:

I swear when I saw the first colored picture, with the words "Tell me something that makes you cry", I almost cried myself. This is what I want to do with people. Talk with them about the "real stuff". The important stuff. When I meet someone who is as willing as I am to have that kind of deep conversation, let me tell you that I don't let them go. Which is fine, because usually they do not want to go either. Over the course of the years I have met and kept people like this in my life. With them, time stops. We could talk all night and not notice that time is elapsing... until the sun rises.

Do you sometimes feel you have something unusual, deep down inside, that wants to hatch? Do you feel there is something special about you that maybe you don't actualize enough? What is it? And how do you feel when you get the unexpected and most wonderful gift of meeting someone who shares that trait?

D did not only have me in mind when he dug for those very unique comic strips. He found the following one and kept it "to show to the kids" (link here: http://zenpencils.com/comic/106-chris-hadfield-an-astronauts-advice/):

I thought this was indeed a wonderful way to illustrate the course of life, and how goals are pursued, in a way that children will understand... but really, this comic strip will likely "talk" to all adults who are on their way to a goal that they cherish.

Are you actively working on your goal, whatever it is? Are you fully aware that it is all those little steps we take daily that lead us to where we want to be... even if there might be unexpected detours on the way? What is your goal and what have you done TODAY to move toward it?

Of course, to know what kind of destination is a good one for us, and what path is the ideal one to reach such destination, we sometimes need a little help. That can take the form of getting to know oneself better. Have you done anything in this respect recently? Here's my suggestion: why don't you take the Briggs Myers personality test? Just click on this link and answer the questions:
This is another place where you can take the test: http://www.truity.com/test/type-finder-personality-test

You can then read more about your profile here and here. The results could amaze you!

If you take the test (and I hope you will!), please write to share your results, and about how they resonate with you!  (Personally I'm either a INFP, the Healer/Idealist, a ENTP, the Visionary, or a INTP, the Thinker/Architect (my friends would say the Philosopher), which might explain why I spend the greatest part of my days shoveling clouds and generally not getting as much done as I wish I did. Luckily, D is an INTJ - the Scientist - and much more efficient at getting things done... all the while enjoying listening to my ramblings! Of course to live happily with a INTJ you have to be a tough cookie. Famous INTJs include Sheldon Cooper, Dr House, Mr Burns and Severus Snape, all detestable characters... whom I love! LOL But seriously, D is mostly adorable... most of the time... and very tolerant of my strange ways. That's no small feat!) What about you?

Speaking of clouds, did you notice the moon lately? It was full yesterday, and still big, beautiful and yellow (where I am anyways) today. What a good timing: today is the birth date of Claude Debussy, famous French composer who wrote Clair de Lune (translation: Moonlight). Why don't you take a moment to admire the moon, and listen to the music that honors it?


  1. Hi Julie! Oh, those are very interesting cartoons. I did click the links and read them.

    I do try to be myself. Nobody around me is learning to do splits and headstands at age 42, with me. I'm pretty much having my own strange goals that make me happy. But I do think that there are MANY people around who have very interesting ideas. Like the first cartoon explains, sometimes people are too scared to find out if the other person in the elevator feels that way too. But often the other person in a more closely related venue does--like at the gym. Even though they weren't doing splits with me, many gym buddies loved that I was doing them because my dreams are part of their dreams and it all melts together. And their dreams are mine too. :D

    1. Those goals of yours are unusual and that is what makes you interesting! I bet it also makes you happy! :-)

  2. ENTJ or ESTJ; Interesting...

    1. Beaucoup de vrai là-dedans! Fais-le faire à ton amoureux...

  3. I think the basic questions remain the same throughout life, but the answers do not.

    I found the descriptions of the MB categories interesting. I imagine they are not yours. For example, my description of an INTJ is someone who thinks they are always right, usually is, but when they are not, it bites them very badly!

    Don't ask how I know this, lol!

    1. In my experience, the INTJ will not admit it when s/he is wrong... but it will eventually sink in anyways, and you will know when it does (if you pay enough attention). You just have to be patient, and to not expect a verbal acknowledgement (i.e. "I was wrong and you were right"), because INTJs do not pronounce those words... ever!) :-)

      The INTJs are full of wonderful qualities; they are probably just misunderstood.

  4. Really cool!! I like how this makes us think outside the box!

    Your relationship with D must be interesting!! lol


    1. Yep, gotta love thinking outside the box... :-)

      D and I both do, so it's all good!

      Thanks for your visit.

  5. ESFJ - amazing how well the test results describe me... :)
    i loved to read your post! this yearning for deep communication is something i know very well, and when you get the chance to open up with someone its wonderful!
    bookmarked the comic site.... thanks for the link...

    will drop by again, its always good to come here!


    1. Nice! :-) It's a great test!

      The comic site is wonderful, isn't it?

      Take care.

  6. Julie, tu devrais écrire un livre avec toutes ces trouvailles.....

    1. J'y travaille! Merci pour ton commentaire! :-)

  7. one of my favorite quotes, Ask yourself if what you're doing today will take you where you want to be tomorrow....

    Love the cartoon strips...we are so busy acquiring that we don't pay enough attention to who we are being and what we wish to become. Which, of course, leads to your next post beautifully.

  8. INFJ - so many things mentioned are true for me :), the comic strips also made so much sense to me, as usual thanks for sharings

  9. Hey Julie and thanks for turning me on to Zen pencils. They are awesome and deeply insightful!

    I also took the personality test and it appears I am INFP as well!

    Did D ever show your children that particular comic strip? And if so, what were their thoughts?

    I am really enjoying your blog and thank you so much for dropping by my blog as well :)

    Take care and my best to all.