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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy non winter!

Le printemps, by James Tissot
Oh! How I long to wallow in the grass!

Yes, happy non winter.

Celebrating spring would be a little precipitous at this point; that is, if you consider that spring should normally look something like this:

Effet de printemps à Giverny, by Claude Monet
The light in that painting. The light!
We haven't seen that kind of light in months!

Granted, we have been able, this weekend, to get the bicycles and the basketball hoop out. The kids were ecstatic!

But as far as the awakening of nature is concerned, we need to be patient: the grass is still yellow, there are still some patches of snow, and there is no clear sign of any new buds or flowers, apart from the very beginning stage of crocuses.

(This is in Nova Scotia. My mom, who lives in Québec, was telling me this morning that she still needs to put on her snow shoes to go fill the bird feeders; on the bright side, she will shortly be attending a wedding in North Yorkshire, which, despite its name, should be warmer than Canada.)

With a little luck, we will soon be able to walk around barefoot in the grass wearing a diaphane dress, and pick flowers as we go?

Well, I couldn't care less when and where and what will happen, because this morning, when I opened the door to let the dog out, this is what I heard:

And that, my friends, was enough for me to get into a trance. Not unlike the trance I got when I saw the original of this aptly named painting at the Uffizi in Florence:

Allegoria della Primavera, by Sandro Botticelli
Mercury, The Graces, Cupid, Venus, Flora, Chloris and Zephyrus... we are ready! Come!

Is it spring in your corner of the world? What are the signs? How do you feel?


  1. This past week or so we have enjoyed some lovely spring like days. The snowdrops and crocus, followed by daffodils, tulips wonderful spring time colours and now the blossom on the trees looks so nice. Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons ......bird song......a very special sound.

    All the best (from the UK) Jan

    1. Aren't you lucky it's really spring already! What part of the UK do you live in?

    2. Hi - I live in London - and have enjoyed some more lovely walks over the Easter Holiday Break.

      Hope you had a good Easter.

      Take Care

      All the best Jan

  2. I loved your video clip - the sound of birds has been making me very happy!!!
    It has been spring this past week but we are supposed to have snow tonight/tomorrow morning - crazy! I think this whole week is going to be a bit on the cool side again - at least we had one super nice week!!

    1. Same thing here for the snow, Kim! So tired of it! We still have our winter tires on the car. I am seriously considering a move to Jamaica. LOL

  3. I blame it all on the Pilgrims! At least Columbus went to the Caribbean. If the Pilgrims had turned south, we would all be living in sunny Africa. No hurricanes either! .

    1. Nice piece of wisdom to keep in mind: when in doubt, turn south.

  4. It's always spring in San Diego, but I sure do feel for those who have had such a tough winter!

  5. I live in Texas so we have started Spring a few times and then reverted back to cold. It is supposed to be in the 30s tonight (cold for us!) then maybe Spring will be here for good after that!

    1. I wish you warm and sunny weather! Don't we live for that? :-)

  6. I long for spring. I have said here before, those of us who live without winter, are missing out on one of the great character givers, and context providers in life, and THAT is why most native Californians are douche bags...