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Monday, August 11, 2014

Children's voices

This is the time of the year I hand over the microphone to my kids to let them tell us about their Summer. (See last year's post here.) It's a - subtle - way for me to make sure their neurons don't melt during the hot months. The "assignment" I gave this year was "Write about the best things to do in the Summer". They came up with the rest on their own. Again, I did not edit spelling, punctuation or grammar. It's "as is". Happy reading!

The best things for a kid to do over the summer
by A, 8 years old

On Sunny days  
Going  to  the  beach,  Playing  out  side,  Going  to  the  lake,  playing in the sprinkler, Play basketball,   Riding  your  bike,  Going  on  your  trampoline (if  you  have  one,) flying kites, having a campfire, making  new  friends, going camping, having play dates, and last but not least…
Have  fun!

On Rainy days
Play  board  games, playing with Lego or Playmobil, building a city for your dinky cars, sewing, Have  play- dates  or  sleep-overs ( if your  allowed) mabie  stay  up  later  than  you  normaly  do,  watch  tv   or  movies,  play  with  your  pets, (if  you  have  any), playing the piano, and...

Eat popcorn!

The top 20 things to do (and a few things not to do)
during the summer
by R, 10 years old

#1   Be as active as possible
#2   Be happy and make others happy
#3   Stay protected from the sun
#4   Stay connected to nature
#5   Hang out with your friends
#6   Keep hydrated (drink lots of water)
#7   Have colder types of foods like salads and fresh fruits (Don’t forget ice cream!)
#8   Have alone time at least two times a week
    #9   Listen to happy music (like this)
#10   Keep on doing schoolwork (but not too much)
#11   Get enough rest so that you are not too groggy every morning
#12   Go CAMPING!
#13   Go to an amusement park if you have the chance
#14   Play with your  pet (if you have one)
#15   Have playdates and sleepovers
#16   Go visit your relatives
#17   Go to fun camps that interest you
#18   Go hiking and swimming (if you enjoy it)
#19   Go to special places that you can not go to during the school year
#20   Have the time of your life


#1   Never fight with your sibling (well,  only when your parents are not watching)
#2   Do not spend a lot of time on your electronics or other devices (they rot your brain)
#3   Never ever make big messes you can not clean up; it just means extra work for whoever would have to clean it and would put them in a bad mood for the day
#4   Do not bore people  because it is  not nice , even if you do not mean to, and others do not really appreciate you as much after that
#5   Never have over two or three special activities per day (you could become spoiled)
#6   It is a bad idea to miss birthday parties (instead, go have fun. WOOHOO!)
#7   Do not forget how to swim (I am telling you from experience)

Note from the editor: That "What not to do" list sounds like the echo of my own voice at times. Number 3 cracked me up! I think my message has finally been heard!

Regarding children and summer, I invite you to read this other post about water safety. My one and only video is to be found there, too.


  1. This is really impressive. R has a great vocabulary.

  2. Magic ......what a great post.

    All the best Jan

    1. Yes, and it didn't require work on my part, which is great! :-)

  3. This was so fun - love that your kids recapped their "dos" and "don'ts" from summer!

  4. My kind of lists, especially the sunny days!

    I'm going to your place next summer, lol!

    I like that you are at the stern of the canoe!

    1. Okay, and bring your bicycle because they're obsessed with it! :-)

      I am at the stern 90% of the time. :-)

  5. Very nice girls! Wish we had seen you more this summer!! :) So glad you had a great one!